Synapse Dental Pain Eraser Revolutionizing Orthodontic Pain Management

May 7, 2024

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Revolutionizing Orthodontic Pain Management: Insights from Dr. Cruz on the Synapse Dental Pain Eraser

At Cruz Orthodontics, we are committed to sharing valuable insights and innovative solutions that can enhance our patients’ well-being. In this blog post, we feature key takeaways from our recent video podcast interview with Dr. Cruz, a leading orthodontist who has integrated the cutting-edge Synapse Dental Pain Eraser into his practice. This device offers a promising approach to managing pain during orthodontic treatment, and we believe Dr. Cruz’s expertise will be of great interest to our readers.

Content Summary:

  • The Synapse Dental Pain Eraser utilizes neuromodulation, a technique that modulates nerve activity to reduce pain perception. Dr. Cruz elaborates on how this technology is incorporated into his practice to help patients manage orthodontic discomfort.
  • Pulse wave technology is central to the device’s functioning. It works by blocking pain signals through both the peripheral and central nervous systems, providing effective relief to patients undergoing various orthodontic procedures.
  • Dr. Cruz outlines the process of using the dental pain eraser during treatment, highlighting its ease of use and adaptability to individual patient needs. He also shares insights into the types of pain the device is most effective in managing, as well as the duration of relief it provides.
  • The Synapse Dental Pain Eraser is FDA-cleared and safe for use by patients of all ages. Dr. Cruz provides guidance on how patients can acquire the device for at-home use and offers tips on its cleaning and maintenance.


For a more comprehensive understanding of how the Synapse Dental Pain Eraser is transforming orthodontic pain management, we encourage you to watch the full video podcast interview with Dr. Cruz. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow Cruz Orthodontics on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated on the latest insights and innovations that can impact your orthodontic journey.